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Fibre Optics

Safricom Fibre Optic Infrastructure

Safricom Telecommunications currently has 35km+ of fibre optics throughout Potchefstroom and we are soon expanding to Klerksdorp.

We currently have fibre optics in the following areas:

- Potchefstroom Industrial

- Mooivallei area, Potchefstroom

- Tuscany Ridge, Potchefstroom

- Bult area, Potchefstroom

- CBD area, Potchefstroom

Fibre Pricing & Installation Cost

How do I get fibre?

After contacting us the hard part is over

* We will visit you in person

* All the details regarding the initiation fee, packages and router rentals will be explained

* Civil work planning will be done on the spot

* Civil costs will be calculated

* A final quotation will be done and handed to the client

* To calculate savings, a cost analysis on telephone bills can be done

No Catches No Hidden Charges

We have a wide range of Capped and Uncapped Packages

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